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C Programming for Everybody (cc4e.com)

Dr. Charles R. Severance

This is a podcast dedicated to learning the "classic" version of the C Programming language from the 1978 book written by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. This book places the reader right in the middle of the 1970's transition from a hardware-centered computer science to a focus on writing portable and efficient software. C was used to develop operating systems like Unix, Minix, and Linux. Programming languages like Python, Perl, Java, JavaScript and Ruby are all written in C. Software like the early TCP/IP networking implementations that made the Internet possible were written in C. And the first web browsers were written in C. C made major advances in computer architecture possible because operating systems, compilers, and utilities could be re-compiled on a new architecture once they built a C compiler for the architecture. So there is a very good chance that almost all the software that you use was either written in C or written in a programming language that was written in C. So we study C less as a programming language to use on a daily basis and more as the foundation of modern software and computing. Thee underlying book is copyright all rights reserved by AT&T but is being used in this work under "fair use" because of the book's historical and scholarly significance, its lack of availability, and lack of an accessible version of the book.